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Whis Rod Quest - 600 level
Today I will give you the quest for Whis Rod
Monster on way  :   [Obrazek: e2x1f7n4w3a3i0d2y2p3h9l6e5k2j5n0k4s2z9i4t5y3z5f6r4.gif]     [Obrazek: l5x8s7r5e0c7k4n0y5e6e8f1t5i7n8x7m3u1t2f2a6d6g1x6d0.gif]
Reward  :   [Obrazek: x1r6i8x8j9z9g8t6s1p3e8j5d4c6e9f2w1x3a1p4j6w1c1k0x3.gif]

We go to the Namek
[Obrazek: fcb7c78ec5f49.png]
Once we are there, we go as shown in the screenshots
[Obrazek: fa72e12c655ec.png]
[Obrazek: b83405fad87c3.png]
[Obrazek: 665ccd316aeaa.png]
Now we have to be careful because when we enter, there are monsters 
[Obrazek: 7e4d5a3ac67d2.png]
We go to the indicated place
[Obrazek: 10ada87b08b88.png]
Then we use the middle box
[Obrazek: 51ae6e58c9456.png]
Attention! after entering will be thrown on us a lot of Namek Sage best to give zanzo somewhere near the wall
[Obrazek: da79404ee252b.png]
After killing everything we enjoy the reward
[Obrazek: 62d89e8b47903.png]
To exit, press the blue stone on the right
And to get out of this place completely, go to the indicated place and click on the middle stone
[Obrazek: 6b620f50a6748.png]
[Obrazek: 23bdcd1b0fb2a.png]
That would be it, Remember that Whis Rod can save you from death
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Wersja wiki: https://wiki.priogames.com/pages/show/97...-600-level
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